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Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy is a scheme which allow employers to pay their employees during the current pandemic. Employers can be refunded up to 85 percent of an employee’s wages. Reimbursement will be made within two days after receipt of payroll submission and the employer must be able to demonstrate, to the […]

Privacy Notice

Posted in Useful Information by admin - Jun 29 2018

P.A. McCormack & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants & Statutory Auditors   PRIVACY NOTICE 1. Definitions In this Privacy Notice the following definitions shall apply: “Client Personal Data” means any personal data provided to us by you, or on your behalf, for the purpose of providing our services to you, pursuant to our engagement letter with you; […]

Tax Reducing Tips

Posted in Useful Information by admin - Jan 26 2016

Ensure you claim all allowances available to you. Claim back refunds for last 4 years. Involving Family members in Business Maximise tax credit and bands between spouses. Family members are often engaged in the family business (in an administrative and other roles), although not formally employed by the business. A formal employment should be put […]

Changes to RCT System

Posted in Useful Information by admin - Dec 12 2011

Changes to RCT System On 1st January 2012 the new electronic RCT system becomes obligatory for all Principal’s & Subcontractors. The current paper-based system is being replaced by an electronic system where all interactions between Principal contractor and Revenue will be by electronic means.  In the new system there will be three rates of RCT; […]

Tax Exemption for Start-Up Companies

Posted in Useful Information by admin - May 14 2010

  In an attempt to encourage the establishment of new companies a three year remission from taxation from profits and capital gains for companies with a tax liability of less than €40,000 per annum was announced in Budget 2009. Companies that qualify will be fully exempt from corporation tax on trading profits and chargeable gains […]