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Commercial Mediation


Commercial Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolutions:

You may want an early resolution to difficulties between two or more parties. We can help you respond quickly and professionally always ensuring impartiality and confidentiality. An attractive option for dealing with such disputes is to appoint an experienced Commercial Mediator, who can act as a facilitator to the disputing parties.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby an independent neutral Mediator assists the parties to come to a mutually acceptable agreement through a collaborative process. Mediation offers an opportunity for parties to explore their differences in a safe and constructive environment, and develop an agreed method of working going forward. 

Mediators can bring a fresh approach to a situation and identify new possibilities that parties may not have identified previously. The Mediator will bring together opposing parties and their advisors to encourage and assist the parties in negotiating a settlement and avoiding recourse to the courts.

Mediation works because it helps the parties to resolve even the most difficult disputes in a practical way. The parties achieve their own solution without an imposed decision.

Mediation is voluntary, confidential, impartial and the content is off the record. It is a flexible process that leaves the door open for formal procedures if necessary.

Why mediate ?


Mediation is flexible to the needs of the parties


Mediation is much faster than many other processes, it is known to save time and effort compared with more formal procedures


Mediation is cost effective the process does not require formalised claims or procedures


Mediation is a confidential process with the benefit of no publicity.


Mediations successfully protects working relationships


80% of cases settling at or soon after mediation


Our Mediations services include –


Commercial Mediation


Employment Mediation


Workplace Mediation

For a confidential consultation, without obligation, to discuss your specific requirements please call our office on 059 9130422 or info@pamccormack.com

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