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Financial & Management Accountancy

Every Irish business is required to produce financial statements on an annual basis. These accounts are then used to calculate the amount of tax payable, based on profits and other forms of income.

The accounts are also an important tool to the business. Not only do they provide you with information about the profitability and stability of your business, they also assist when seeking finance, considering acquisitions, sales, mergers and other important business decisions.

Our accounting team will assist you in the preparation of management or statutory financial accounts, to ensure management has the information necessary to make informed business decisions.


Our Audit service ensures that your company produces financial statements that are accurate and comply with all statutory and accounting regulations.

As auditors we provide feedback on areas where business improvements and controls should be implemented. Throughout the process, we identify issues that need to be considered going forward, allowing you to implement improvements and focus on growing your business. Part of our ultimate aim is not only to guarantee that you meet the statutory requirements, but to help ensure that your business can achieve its best performance in an ever competitive environment.

Most small companies are now exempt from annual statutory audits, however statutory audits are required for guarantee companies, pension schemes, credit unions and companies which are members of a corporate group. Audits are also required for companies which were late in filing their Companies Registration Office annual returns.


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